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The demand for new kitchens has been increasing recently, and as such we have been able to offer additional job openings in our factory. The sustainability of this growth is relatively unsure. In order to mitigate the risk this uncertainty poses, roughly 10% of our workforce is flexible. These people are employed through an employment agency, but are nevertheless provided with a 2-year VAPRO education. This way their level of sustainable employability remains high.

Vitality and health

To reduce physical strain on our employees we have implemented Job Rotation. Additionally, we aim to eliminate the high strain tasks. The vitality and health of our employees is further strengthened through healthy food in the company canteen and daily free fruit for all employees. Exercise is encouraged by offering discounts on gym subscriptions and thanks to a bicycle scheme, employees can buy a bicycle with tax benefits. Despite these measures, monitoring of our employee pool has shown that a number of our employees have a BMI that is seen as too high. In order to solve this problem we are actively exploring an effective activity-program to increase physical activity both during and outside of work times. Our absenteeism due to illness was 3,92% in 2016 and dropped to 3,8% in 2018.



MORE financial reward

We pay our employees 5% more than prescribed by the collective agreements.


17 Year olds are not compensated through youth salaries, but receive a full salary (starting at €1.716) when they have reached set levels of expertise.

New composition of the supervisory board

Margaretha Smits, Laetitia Smits van Oyen and Francoise Dechesne joined as new members of the Supervisory Board of the DKG Group in March 2018. They bring experience from various sectors including healthcare, architecture, construction, project development and real estate. A great addition to the Supervisory Board which now consists of five members with the arrival of these three ladies.

Kim van Veldhuizen, Hr advisor

‘Through our workforce monitoring we have seen that 85% of our employees in the factory is satisfied. Now that the market is rapidly growing we try to prevent overtime by working with a 3-shift system.‘


Together with every employee their yearly achievements and growth are discussed. Based on these conversations each employee is given a personal educational budget. Our performance management system is named GROEI (Growth). We be believe every employee should be allowed to develop him- or herselve. Sustainable employability is an important topic within these talks, and we spend a lot of resources on education.


The DKG Campus is the online training platform where our employees can follow over 200 (online) training courses. Whatever your function is, you can find the answer to any question you may have. Varying from Sales Techniques to Customer Focus and from Microsoft skills to a Positive Feedback course.

Keller Kitchens finds it important that employees dare to invest in themselves. The DKG Campus offers them the possibility to do so.


Our diversity policy is still in development. By offering 40 internships annually, we aim to include young people in our organization and use the services of unemployment and economically inactive people . Both our gardening activities as well as packaging of our kitchen components are executed through social work provision.


Safety is of the highest importance for Keller Kitchens, especially in the factory. Therefore, an external safety expert conducts a yearly RI&E. Our internal safety expert then pays extra attention to the focal points of this assessment. In 2019 the aim is to bring the safety culture within our company to the next level. Therefore, all factory employees, even temporary workers, follow a yearly safety training (E-learning). Alongside this, we have set up teams that, together with the safety expert, focus on the important matters.

Internal first-aid assistents

formal ohs comission

The work environment, safety, health and general wellbeing in our organization. These are the key work activities our OHS commission guards and ensures.

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