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For years we have taken various CSR aspects into account during decision making and process design. Not only are these aspects taken into account, but due to our long term vision they are often the key deciding factor during decision making. This way we can keep distinguishing ourselves, just like we have been doing since 1935. By doing so, we and future generations have a bright future to look forward to.

We strive for perpetually increasing focus, structure and speed on the CSR front. To set concrete goals we are making CSR an even stronger focal point in our company strategy. This is why we have decided to publish this report. For the coming years, we will be working hard to further define our CSR related activities.

Bart Meeuwsen

Managing Director Keller Kitchens


Keller Kitchens has made tremendous progress in 2017. The results of this are the production of a climate neutral kitchen and receiving the CO2-Performance Ladder certificate on level 3.Alongside this, Keller Kitchens is proud to announce that we achieved level 4 on the CSR Performance Ladder in the third quarter of 2018. 


Our baseline CSR measurement showed that we are already executing a variety of activities that fit the CSR approach. Additionally, it showed that we have been inconsistent in communicating this both internally and externally. Points of improvement were found with regards to formulating a clear goal, implementation of policy-minded approach and good communication. Our CSR taskforce will improve these aspects in the coming years.


Keller Kitchens is part of the DKG Group. Toine van Rooij, as the COO of the DKG Holding, is the chairman of the CSR taskforce. Various departments and disciplines are part of this taskforce to further embed CSR on all levels of the organization.


On which we are currently working to further embed CSR in our organization. 25 projects have been completed.

People, Planet and Profit

Our projects are spread throughout the entire CSR spectrum.

key points of action

In this report we present the steps we have taken towards CSR, as well as our plans for the future. We are proud to announce that production of our kitchens is carbon neutral and that we have taken large steps towards further reduction of our carbon footprint. We have mapped the environmental impact of the circular kitchen by producing a chain analysis.

There are a number of issues that we want to (and should) work on:

  • We want to find more sustainable alternatives for our often-used materials (recycled, biobased and/or circular materials, or at the very least materials with a lower environmental impact).
  • Thorough analysis of our material use in order to implement measures to further reduce material use.
  • In our purchasing policy we want to pay more attention to aspects such as labour conditions, environmental aspects, CO2 emissions, material use and community impact.
  • Upscalling in chain collaboration.


The raw materials agreement is a Government-wide programme aimed at developing a fully circular economy by 2050.

As a market leader, we want to take our responsibility by making smart use of raw materials, products and goods. In other words: to build circular. We would like to be part of the ‘early adopters’ and focus on a long-term cooperation with all parties involved. Therefore, we have signed the government’s raw materials agreement.

 Transition agenda ‘Construction’ fits us best because many of our stakeholders are active in this sector. We want to make the chain more sustainable in cooperation with them.

SIGN trustone convenant


Keller Kitchens is the first major retailer to signatory to the IRBC TruStone Initiative. The TruStone Initiative is an international agreement on responsible business conduct in which the Dutch and Flemish natural stone industry, the Dutch and Flemish governments, NGOs, and trade unions have agreed to work together towards more responsible production and procurement of natural stone. Their efforts are meant to improve environmental and working conditions throughout the entire value chain.

Retailers in the market for kitchen, garden and building materials sell large volumes of natural stone and are therefore important partners in making the entire value chain more sustainable. Together with importers and processors, they can make a positive difference to both the production and sale of natural stone.
The participants in the TruStone Initiative are not only working to make the value chain more transparent, but are also cooperating to tackle child labour, forced labour, unsafe working conditions, and other problems.


More than 50% (= equal to more than 70 cars) of our lease fleet is now fully electric. Our lease fleet emits >30% less carbon compared to 2018!

Keller Kitchens has an ambitious car policy. The goal is to have a fully electric fleet in 2020. In order to facilitate this transition, charging stations have been installed at the production site in Bergen op Zoom in 2018. In addition to this, employees who drive an electric car are assisted in setting up a charging station at home.

An experiment was conducted in which several electric cars were temporarily made available to employees. As a result of this test, over 30 electric cars have already been ordered or put into use. This caused an accelerated need for charging stations; these have since been installed in the parking lot.

 Our fully electric fleetpolicy is now also visible in our CO2 emissions. Our lease fleet emits 7.5% less carbon compared to 2018!


This CSR report is based on the latest edition of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. We have applied these standards on the SRS Referenced level. This report has been audited internally by Keller Kitchens, and not by any external parties.


It is our intention to publish a new CSR report on a yearly basis. When relevant new developments occur we will adjust the information found on this website accordingly.

scope of the report

Unless stated otherwise, this report concerns the activities of Keller Kitchens in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom that took place in 2017. During the creation of this report, no significant changes have occurred with regards to size, structure or ownership formula of the organization.


For questions regarding this report please contact our CSR Taskforce chairman Toine van Rooij.

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