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In addition to our efforts to reduce our CO2 emissions, we want to contribute more to the solution of the current climate problems. This is why we mitigate our CO2 emissions with a number of climate friendly projects and activities.

Carbon neutral

Due this compensation we can officially call ourselves carbon neutral.

Protection and restoration of the Kibale forestry project

Kibale National Park in Uganda is one of East Africa’s most impressive rainforests, harbouring a wealth of flora and fauna. By reforesting, we are boosting the available habitat for animals, protecting primaeval forest and making a positive climate contribution.

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wind energy in india

We are investing in electricity generation through wind power in India, in the regions Gujarat and Karnataka. Through these investments, we are supplying local households in remote areas with stable and clean energy access. By implementing modern techniques such as wind turbines, we can guarantee high efficiency and high levels of electricity generation. The projects give a positive impulse to the environment, the region and the local population.

Sponsor Healthy Team

Keller Kitchens is the proud sponsor of the ‘Healthy Team’. A dozen successful ice skaters, including the 2017 Junior World Champion in speed skating, Jutta Leerdam. With their healthy lifestyle and sport mentality they aim to fulfill an exemplary role for their peers. Healthy Team contributes by their presence at schools and during clinics to keep young people moving.


Keller Kitchens often sponsors local and smaller social initiatives. All employees can propose initiatives. We also regularly support charities together with our clients. For example, Keller supports a foundation called ‘De Hond Kan De Was Doen’ to increase the freedom and self-sufficiency of people with disabilities or chronic illnesses. Keller also supports Project Junior High School in Sunyani, Ghana, to help children get a good education and a chance at a better future.


In September Mariëtte’s Child Care Foundation started building a Junior High School. Previously the Dutch Mariëtte and her Ghanaian husband Moses have opened a children’s home and a primary school in Sunyani. To give the children a chance at a better future and independence, the wish to also offer them secondary school education for three years, arose.

A Junior High School with a sound quality of education, with room for personal attention and where students will not be beaten. This may sound obvious, but is unique by Ghanaian standards. Keller Kitchens is one of the proud sponsors of this project. The foundation of the High School has been laid and currently the ground floor is being realised. The foundation hopes to open the Junior High School in 2019.

Team VIRTU/e

Keller Kitchens sponsors Eindhoven University of Technology’s team VIRTU/e.

Team VIRTU/e is a student team on a journey to design, build & operate the world’s most sustainable house. They do so by using smart technologies, sustainable construction and urban planning with the aim to connect people and technology.


In 2021 we will take our CSR policy to the next level. In order to make the step towards becoming carbon positive we invest in a Carbon Farming project. Farmers can capture CO2 in the soil, thus making a contribution to cooling the earth.

Plants extract CO2 from the air using photosynthesis. By adding plants and crop residues to the agricultural land, the CO2 is captured in the soil. The farmers ensure that carbon binds as well as possible in the soil, which improves soil fertility and crop growth.

consumer safety

A beautiful kitchen should also be a safe kitchen. This is why we produce our kitchen with various safety features. For example, we always use safety glass, and we always implement additional safety in our folding flap cabinet fittings. Additionally, we ensure safe installation of cabinets, as well as adequate fixation of kitchen islands and cabinet boards. Our installation mechanics are VCA certified and are familiar with all of the required safety measures during kitchen installation.


After the installation process, our kitchen emits no formaldehyde. Our values are far below the industry norm. This is caused by the additional encapsulation of our components, ensuring additional enclosing of the components on all sides.

By implementation of laser chamfering  and application of special glue our kitchens are able to withstand extra high temperatures. Naturally, our countertops are of the highest safety standard with regards to food preparation.


Keller Kitchens is a company that is open to both critique and ideas. That wants to help think about ideas, as well as let others help think about ideas. To be in the kitchen together and create beautiful and affordable kitchens. This is what we do, together with our clients. Our relationship with them is personal and crucial.

Our latest research with our dealers confirms this notion. They are highly satisfied with the personal cooperation, service and support. Regardless of their positive feedback we continue to set the bar high at this company-defining characteristic. We have further plans to optimize our customer satisfaction.


During our customer satisfaction research we received an average of 7.3 of our dealers. The points of improvement mentioned have been converted into a new plan of action that is discussed every four weeks. Innovation within our product range as well as additional digitizing are the key focal points.

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